Images (with Linden Little)


A performance about oppression and transcendence.

Images is a narrative performance that explores themes of oppression and transcendence. The piece is built around a recording of Nina Simone singing her version of the poem “No Images” by Harlem Renaissance poet William Waring Cuney. As I wash images pulled from the lyrics of the song, bright colors previously applied to each image mix to dishwater brown in a washtub. I then hang these images from strings that drip color onto myself, reversing both the artistic process and the song's narrative.

She does not know 
her beauty, 
she thinks her brown body 
has no glory. 

If she could dance 
under palm trees 
and see her image in the river, 
she would know. 

But there are no palm trees 
on the street, 
and dish water gives back
no images.

- William Waring Cuney 

Special thanks to Linden Little.

Images was photographed by Karyn E,
Shunsuke Manabe, Jack Clayton, and Marianne Evans-Lombe and filmed by Steve Liggett and Graceanna De-l. Button