Marianne Evans-Lombe

Marianne Evans-Lombe
Artist Statement

I am an artist. I create body drawings. With my hand, I make marks on paper, canvas, acetate, clay, and other materials. With my body, I give movement to line, shape, words, and images. I become my drawings, giving them the capacity to move in space and time. 
For Colorline, I created a dance for eight artists of color and eight white artists. In the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma we replicated its color line, leaving traces in the street and on the heart. Origin of Painting is the story of Dibutade, a Greek maiden, who in tracing a shadow, created the first painting. Please Mind is my response to my son's diagnosis of schizophrenia. Some of my performances were created in the context of community. Communities participated in the development, creation and performance, blending two actions: the preservation of cultural memory, and the shaping of a story to reflect a community’s perceptions and active participation. I also published (with Mia Wright) Sisterspeak, an award-winning zine.

I am currently writing, composing music, and performing privately as Annie Paper. 

I hold a BFA and an MA in Visual Art from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas. I taught university classes in both art and women's studies. I am former Creative Director of the Little Room, a space for the arts in downtown Pittsburg, and former Chair of the Performance Committee at Living Arts of Tulsa. I performed Origin of Painting at Festival Ojo al Sancocho in Bogota - Colombia, La Otra Historia in Medellin - Colombia and Festival Bugarte in Buga - Colombia. I reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Button