F you babies

F* you, babies

F you babies
A series of mother's books with pages of babies as text, where you push a button and a woman's words play. 

F you babies are books for mothers, an uncensored space to voice the negative aspects of mothering - for women who have given birth to a child or adopted one and those who have not or will not.

I have drawn, cut-out, and ironed over 300 silhouettes of babies. The babies are made from a plastic shower curtain, paper, wool, and other materials. The babies are pages of text.

F you babies will include original music composed for it by Stacey Barelos, and the voices of the women who participate in the project.

I remember exhaustion. I remember crazy sadness. I remember wondering if I could throw my child against a wall. I remember fantasizing about suffocating her. I remember feeling so guilty that I felt these things, but also being aware that our culture makes mothers crazy. We sit alone in houses without anyone to help us. When we desperately need moms and sisters and women who can take the baby and give us a break instead we are in our solo houses with husbands at work and we are all alone in the wreckage of our former selves.

- Jill Littlewood, F you babies participant

As a professor of Women’s History, I know the labels that have been placed on women not having children. The one that annoys me the most is “not useful” (as if women’s only usefulness is as a mother). I actually think I am not selfish in this decision. I did not want children and I chose not to have them. I suppose I could have caved to societal pressure and family pressure to have a child, but I really did not want children. Children should be loved and wanted. That was not my path. 

- Lisa Guinn, F you babies participant

What opened the door to allow you to feel good about becoming a mother? Nothing, I never did, and I don’t right now.
- Vonnie Gallegos, F you babies participant

What was the biggest sacrifice you made when you decided to become a mother? My well being, my wants, and my needs.

- Letah Lewis, F you babies participant

F you Babies

F you babies participants include: Stacey Barelos, Tammy Bohn, Alicia Chesser, Vonnie Gallegos, Lisa Guinn, Letah Lewis, Jill Littlewood, Meredith Moody, Joy Reed, and Mindi Rice.

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