Body Drawings I-IV

Body Drawings I-IV


There are three elements to every piece: my drawings, my body and the shadow formed in between.

This is a series of four performance pieces called Body Drawings. The work incorporates my studio practice with the act of performing or becoming my drawings. All four of the pieces begin with an act of art being done over time in my studio and end with the performance.

In the summer of 2006, I was gifted a studio. In exchange for the space I was to perform four times, every Friday during the month of June, for an audience of students attending a paper-making workshop. I had never created a performance. I gathered several endcuts of large rolls of paper. I drew for hours and hours on these scrolls of paper. Sometime midweek, I had the idea to perform my drawings and immediately dismissed it. On Thursday evening of the first week, my daughter (then 10 years old) visited the studio. She saw the scrolls of drawings and said, Mom, those are beautiful. I responded, Yes, but they are not a performance. She said, Yes, they are. And then she danced my drawings.

Body Drawings I

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