Marianne Evans-Lombe


Be still and

Be willing

If it is not too much 

Be gracious

Stare at his offering


Eventually, bow



Hold your hands in front of you

and cry

Gather your womb

Get it together 

Steady wait

For the arrival

Adapt to blessings

Begin not to praise 



bear an image


I am an artist. I create body drawings. With my hand, I make marks on paper, canvas, acetate, clay, and other materials. With my body, I give movement to line, shape, words, and images. I become my drawings, giving them the capacity to move in space and time.

I am currently painting small, surface-rich paintings, writing classical poetry, and learning to hand-poke tattoo. To purchase a painting, commission a performance, publish a poem, or schedule a poke please message me using the contact button. To make a one time or recurring donation to my art practice please use the donate button. To learn more about me and my work please follow me on social media. Contact, donate, and social media buttons are available on the bottom of any page. I'd love to hear from you! Button