Marianne Evans-Lombe

Marianne Evans-Lombe     
Artist Statement

I am a visual and performance artist. I create body drawings. With my hand, I make marks on paper, canvas, acetate, clay, and other materials. With my body, I give movement to line, shape, words, and images. My performances are grounded in mark making and my marks are grounded in motion.
I create pieces to tell stories that often go untold. Recognition questions cultural misconceptions about wearing the veil, Images (created with Linden Little) explores oppression and transcendence, and Origin of Painting tells the story of Dibutade, a Greek maiden, who in tracing a shadow, created the first painting.

I also create performances in the context of community. Communities participate in the development, creation and performance, blending two actions: the preservation of cultural memory, and the shaping of a story to reflect a community’s perceptions and active participation. I love Jose honors Jose Olimpo Alvarez and his inspiring spirit and Arbol ahorcado is a performance for Ciudad Bolivar in Bogota - Colombia; Colorline examines racial segregation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

I also publish (with Mia Wright) Sisterspeak, an award-winning zine. I am currently creating books and have two projects in progress: F* you, babies, a mother's book where you push a button and a woman's words play; and This wolf, a novel in poems about impossible love. Button