Marianne Evans-Lombe

Marianne Evans-Lombe
Artist Statement


Digging and shifting the dark smooth dirt of Kansas, cradled by the gently sloping hill that nestled the rising majesty of my parents' house, I became an artist.

I call this place my parents' house because it has never been mine and it was never a home.

Time and space as I knew it left me. Everything shimmered, transformed. Sticks and stones - I stacked them. The same sticks and stones that could break bones alongside words inside my parents' house.

There in that moment: my hands, my eyes, my heart, those sticks, those stones, these words, those bones, that dirt became my calling. One that I return to over and over again - digging and shifting still. 
I am an artist. I create body drawings. With my hand, I make marks on paper, canvas, acetate, clay, and other materials. With my body, I give movement to line, shape, words, and images. I become my drawings, giving them the capacity to move in space and time.

I am currently creating small scale paintings - a new field for me - and I love it. For information on these paintings and other projects I am working on, please send me a message using the contact button on the bottom of any page. I'd love to hear from you. Button